Turn your football knowledge into an investment.
That's Tradar.

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FC Augsburg
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How Tradar works

With Tradar, you invest in professional clubs and benefit from your football knowledge. Through our app, you trade original licensed player tokens.

Do you spot the next great talent in advance of anyone else? Buy the player cheap and sell him for a profit when his career takes off. Or keep the player and earn Tradar Credits (TRC) on his performances.


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Invest in what you love.

At Tradar, you trade licensed football players in the form of token. Each player has a market value that changes according to supply and demand. The prices are thus directly linked to the player's performance and the expectations placed on them – like on the stock market. So if you already have experience with stocks, ETFs, or alternative investments, you will quickly find your way around Tradar.

Invest in football players instead of companies.

Players from licensed clubs are available at Tradar and can be bought or sold (coming soon)*. Each player has a fixed number of tokens to prevent dilution. After a player is released in the app, the market value changes constantly.

*Sale of players is not expected to be possible until the end of the beta phase.

four football players from Vfl Wolfsburg, Schalke 04, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, TSG Hoffenheim
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The best player brings the most credits.

Each of your players earns points for successful actions during a match. The sum of the points is credited to your account as Tradar Credits (TRC) - the better the performance of your players, the higher the reward!

Reward yourself at the Tradar Store.

The Tradar Credits (TRC) you earn with your players can be cleverly reinvested. Use your TRC, for example, to buy new tokens in our store or to secure unique fan experiences, merchandise or VIP tickets for your club - there are always ways to use your credits profitably.

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Officially Licensed
Tradar is the official partner of all professional clubs currently available in the app. So you can be sure that the players available at Tradar are exclusively licensed for digital trading. We regularly add new clubs to our existing portfolio of clubs.
Transparent & Safe
As a platform provider, the security of your investments is our highest priority. Tradar works only with regulated partners in Germany to guarantee the best possible services at the highest security standards. Of course, our partners are regulated and supervised by BaFin.
Direct Trading in EURO
At Tradar, your money is not converted into fictitious currencies or digital points. You simply buy Player Token using the options offered and can trade directly - with the exact amount of euros that you have transferred. This way, your costs remain 100% transparent, and you have complete control over your expenses.


  • Get special deals and discounts on your first purchases.
  • Buy players at a low fixed price only during the beta.
  • Start earning TRC for your players now.
  • Take an active part in shaping the app through our beta community.
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Portrait of VfL Wolfsburg player Svanberg

Frequently asked questions

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What does "beta" access mean?

Beta access is exclusive access to the Tradar app test environment. The beta version needs feedback from Early Tradars like you to evaluate quality and usability and identify and correct flaws. You should know that the Tradar App may still contain bugs and inaccuracies and may not work as smoothly and flawlessly as commercially released software. But don't worry; we will value your trust and early engagement!

Which regulated partners does Tradar work with?

Tradar cooperates with various regulated partners in Germany to provide the best possible services while ensuring the security of our platform. One of our partners is CONCEDUS, an independent securities institution with regulatory permission from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to provide securities services by Section 15 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpIG). Concedus offers, in particular, the service of investment advice and investment brokerage. All our Player Tokens are mapped as fungible tokens in the form of crypto assets via the blockchain. To guarantee the highest security standards and custody conditions, we work together with the crypto custodian CONCEDUS DIGITAL ASSETS GmbH for the custody of your tokens. CONCEDUS is also supervised by the BaFin.

How can I send you general feedback?

We aim to provide you with the best possible user experience. Therefore, we’re always happy to receive general feedback on our app and service. If you have feedback, please send us a message via e-mail to Just follow the steps below. We read every single message.

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Here you can find our privacy policy.